Product Specification:

  • Three components only.

  • Made from steel (extrapolated).

  • Made in China to tested specifications.

  • Salt spray tested.

  • Covered by public liability insurance.

  • Square hooks fit 90% of roof racks worldwide.

  • Larger square hooks supplied on order for the remaining 10%.

  • Holds up to 2 pairs of ladders or 2 pairs of steps or a combination of both.

  • Large hook fits standard van roof-rack bars.

  • Can be padlocked (includes two padlocks).

  • Quick release handle carries its own patent so can be used for other devices.

  • Supplied in a pair in colour boxes with barcodes. Alternative language can be printed.

  • Packed in plain brown outer cartons, each holding 6 boxed pairs of LokaLaddas.

  • Individual box dimensions: length: 470mm, depth: 50mm, width: 115mm.

  • Weight per box approximately 2.5kg.
    Per carton of
    6: 15kg.
Lokaladda Specifications.pdf Lokaladda Specifications.pdf
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LokaLadda Fitting Instructions.pdf LokaLadda Fitting Instructions.pdf
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